Boxing is tragic and cruel. Boxing is a drama; it is about feeling and enduring beatings and pain, it is a determination to experience physical and mental suffering in order to achieve a goal. I am extremely interested in this human condition of continuous and voluntary suffering, whether during the harsh and disciplined training or throughout the show of the fight. Preparing for a fight resembles a ritual, made up of moments of intense internalization, physical and mental pain, as well as exhaustion as a result of the training and the anticipation of the coming fight in the ring.

This incite allows me to make images of female boxers in intimate moments, in a state of tense calmness as they are submerged within themselves, as well as within the cruelty and the passion with which two women face each other during the match. This situation does not simply occur in everyday life, it is something that ordinary people do not experience.

These female boxers fight to experience the essence of boxing: a fight and an exploration of their own mental and physical limits